Top C# Interview Questions

  1. What is Managed Code & Unmanaged Code?
  2. What is Boxing & Unboxing?
  3. Difference between Value type & Reference type?
  4. What is Sealed Class & Sealed Methods. Explain with example?
  5. What is structs in C#? Where we can use them?
  6. What is difference between continue & break statements?
  7. What are generics in C#?
  8. What is Stack & Heap memory in C#? How does it work & which is fast?
  9. Difference between Shallow Copy, Deep Copy and Normal Copy?
  10. Use of ICloneable & MemberwiseClone() ?
  11. Sizes of .NET data-types?
  12. What is use of using statement in C# and what is it's actual code implementation?
  13. Why and when should we use of IDisposable?
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