Private Policy

At CoderJony, the privacy of its users data is very much important. Our Private Policy outlines the type of information we collect from our users & how we process that information further. We also review & revise our Private Policy from time to time. You may revisit this page to see updated private policies. Below, our privacy policy covers detail about all the personal or private data which we collect from our users.

What information do we collect from our users?

As of now, our website does not collect much information from its users. However, the information we collect from our user will always be collected from forms on our website. For example, we may capture the user's personal info i.e. Email, Username, Password, Birth Date etc.

How do we collect information from our users?

Any information our website collect from it's users is collected from it's forms where we clearly specify what information we want to collect from user.

Note: Our website does not store a user's password in plain text. The password is first encrypted & then stored in the database.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies. As of now, we are using cookies for below purposes:

  • For Authentication purpose - Once the user is authenticated on our website, the website adds a cookie on user's browser to identify the user for subsequent requests.
  • Used by some of Google's services - We also use some of Google's service that uses cookies. i.e. Google Analytics, Google Adsense.