Metacube Software - Interview Questions for .NET Developer

Programming Round - Written

  1. [1,2,4,5,8,8,9,0] - Write a program to find if any duplicate exist?
  2. Write a program to check if integer is palindrom or not? Ex. 232. Without converting it into string.
  3. Write a program to find position of max element. i.e. 3284 then position sould be 3rd because 8 is max.


  1. What will you do in a window application if CPU usage reaches very high?
  2. What is Polymorphism?
  3. Interface vs Abstract class? When should we use them?
  4. Example of Singleton and does it work in Multi-threaded environment?
  5. Difference between Dispose vs Finalize?
  6. What is Type Safety?
  7. What is delegate and why/when should we use it?
  8. List, Array, ArrayList, Dictionary - which is fast and why?
  9. Types of assembly in .NET?
  10. Types of authentication in ASP.NET?
  11. How can I secure a web-request even when if I trap request on network level? How can I secure my data over network?
  12. What is HLL in .NET?
  13. What is Single Sign On? What and how you will implement? Examples of sites which uses Single Sign On?
  14. MVC vs MVVM?


  1. Difference between DELETE vs TRUNCATE? Which is better or faster performance wise and why?
  2. Which can be rollbacked?
  3. What is CHECK in SQL?
  4. Can we call one SP from to another SP?
  5. Can we use recursion in SP?
  6. Which is faster LINQ or SQL & why?
  7. How would you optimize SP?
  8. What is SQL Server Agent?
  9. What is Tuple?
  10. Difference between local temp table & global temp table.
  11. Difference between Primary key and Unique key.


  1. How would you optimize client side?
  2. What would be sorting order in JS? i.e. ["orange", "banana", "apple"] & ["7", "3", "50", "9"]
  3. Difference between Window.onload vs document.ready?
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