Install MongoDB in 10 easy steps

MongoDB is famous NoSQL database. NoSQL database stores data in JSON format in text file or similar. These are very famous now a days and used widely because reading data from a NoSQL database is much much faster than a RDBMS like SQL Server, MySQL or other.

  • RDBMS > Database > Table > Row
  • NoSQL > Database > Collections > Documents


  1. Install it on windows by it's windows installer.
  2. It will be installed at C:\Program Files\MongoDB.
  3. Go to bin folder C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.0\bin. Here you will see a bunch of executables.
  4. You will need to work with only mongod.exe and mongo.exe.
  5. mongod.exe - runs the actual mongo DB. ( this is the actual server)
  6. mongo.exe - used to connect with the database of mongo db and perform add edit update delete operations.
  7. Run mongod.exe from the command line (first, it will ask for a folder C:\data\db to store mongo database data. So create those folders.)
  8. Run mongod.exe again. Now it will run and will be waiting for some connection.
  9. Now run mongo.exe from the command line and create database or perform some other operations.
  10. You will see in that commend windows that are running mongod.exe is showing some logs. It's all done with the setup now.
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