How to get all keys in Redis?

If you are using Redis-CLI & want to get all keys in Redis, then you can use below command in Command Prompt. This will return all available keys in Redis Data Store.


Steps: To Get All Keys in Redis

  1. Step 1: Open command prompt, type redis-cli KEYS * like below & hit enter.

    Redis command to get all keys

  2. Step 2: See result below:

    Redis command result to display all keys

Steps: To Get Specific Key in Redis

Now, suppose we want to get a specific key from Redis then we use below commands:

  1. To get key by specific key-name, use command redis-cli KEYS KeyName. See example below:

    Redis command to get key by name

  2. To get keys that starts with particular text, use command redis-cli KEYS StartingText*. This will return all keys that starts with text StartingText. See example below:

    Redis command to get key that starts with some text

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