How to enable/disable ESLint in Visual Studio 2017 ?

What is ESLint?

ESLint is a tool which allows us to write clean, optimized, organized & valid JavaScript code by following a set of rules or coding guidelines.

ESLint has already been integrated in Visual Studio 2017 by Microsoft. You can enable or disable it as per your project requirement.

Enable or disable ESLint in Visual Studio 2017

To enable it, you can go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > JavaScript/TypeScript > ESLint

How to enable or disable it in Visual Studio 2017

ESLint follows rules from a file named .eslintrc which you can find on below location. You can also modify this file and change rules as per your project requirement.


.eslintrc file path

ESLint in Visual Studio works whenever you open or save any javascript file. It will also show your errors, warnings & information in ErrorList pane. See below image.

ESLint error list pane

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