Creating a Pipe to filter the items in the list using Angular 7

Having a search box & filtering out the list based on the text of that search box is a common development task in almost every software application.

In this post, we will understand how can we achieve the same functionality in Angular 7 using Pipe.

What is Pipe?

Pipes are a useful feature in Angular. They are a way to transform one value into another inside an Angular template. There are some built-in pipes, but we can also create our own custom pipes. You can more read about pipes on Angular's website -

Creating a Pipe to filter the items in the list using Angular 7

In this post, I am using a list of complex objects for filtering purposes, instead of having a simple list of strings. In our case, the component will somehow look like the below.

// search text property
searchText: string;

// list of categories
categories: any[] = [
{id: 1, categoryName:"Schools"},
{id: 2, categoryName:"Colleges"},
{id: 3, categoryName:"Doctors"},
{id: 4, categoryName:"Hospitals"},
{id: 5, categoryName:"Advocates"}

Now we want to filter this list based on the category name. To do this, we did two things.

  • First, we created a textbox & bound it with searchText which is a string property of the component.
  • Secondly, we created another property of type array that holds the above categories. We call that property as categories. Now, our template markup will look like this.
<!-- Search box -->
<input type="text" [(ngModel)]="searchText" placeholder="Search Category" />

<!-- List of categories -->
  <li *ngFor="let item of categories | filter : searchText : 'categoryName'">

filter.pipe.ts (Definition for Filter pipe)

import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from '@angular/core';

  name: 'filter'
export class FilterPipe implements PipeTransform {

  transform(items: any[], searchText: string, fieldName: string): any[] {

    // return empty array if array is falsy
    if (!items) { return []; }

    // return the original array if search text is empty
    if (!searchText) { return items; }

    // convert the searchText to lower case
    searchText = searchText.toLowerCase();

    // retrun the filtered array
    return items.filter(item => {
      if (item && item[fieldName]) {
        return item[fieldName].toLowerCase().includes(searchText);
      return false;

Also, don't forget to register this filter pipe in app.module.ts file inside declarations array.

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